The Cyber Solicitor covers the intersection between technology, the law and society around the world

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Legal Disclaimer

The content displayed on this website does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a qualified legal expert if you are seeking legal advice or information on your rights. 


The Cyber Solicitor offers in-depth analysis and coverage of the intersection between technology, the law and society around the world. Areas such as internet privacy and data protection, intellectual property, cyber warfare, and their impact on the law and society, are thoroughly explored.

On the site you will find a range of articles covering an array of topics and happenings taking place in the world. The type of articles you can read include:

Feature Articles - These are long analytical pieces exploring a particular topic in detail in a balanced and neautral manner  

Editorials - These are analytical pieces which are mainly shaped around a particular opinion of The Cyber Solicitor   


Explainers - As the name suggests, these are articles giving concise explainations to certain terms, trends or digital goods and services in the world of technology  

Meet The Team

Mahdi Assan | Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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I am a law student pursuing a career in information technology law, with a focus on data protection in particular.

Maria Sevlievska | Assistant Editor

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I am an LLM student at the LSE specialising in information technology Law. Next year, I will be joining Linklaters to pursue my career as a solicitor.