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This typically refers to the protection of data generated by electronic devices, internet services and other digital means. The term ‘digital privacy’ really came to the fore in 2013 as a result of the Snowden revelations of the NSA's electronic surveillance programs

December 14, 2019

How the use of design principles may aid compliance with data protection rules

September 9, 2019

What the CNIL decision means for the regulation of cross-border data processing in Europe

August 19, 2019

How companies can tackle this traditionally equivocal concept

March 24, 2019

The future of UK State surveillance has serious implications attached to it

December 2, 2018

A recent Court of Appeal decision shows the growing robustness of data protection law

May 29, 2018

The EU’s new data protection laws will allow the true value of personal data to shine bright

May 15, 2018

The UK government is yet to implement a fully lawful mass surveillance regime

April 10, 2018

A catalyst for the future of data protection

March 6, 2018

A number of companies, big and small, appear far from ready for the GDPR

September 18, 2017

The EU’s revamp to its data protection laws are a good attempt at keeping up with the times

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