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All the analysis on the Investigatory Powers Act so far

The future of UK State surveillance has serious implications attached to it

The UK government is yet to implement a fully lawful mass surveillance regime

The Investigatory Powers Act, meant to make the UK safer, poses risks to cybersecurity and keeps privacy concerns alive

The divided opinion on the Investigatory Powers Bill may be more to do with age than anything else

How Brexit may help Theresa May and her Investigatory Powers Bill survive

The UK government has released a redrafted version of the Investigatory Power's Bill, supposedly addressing the numerous issues surrounding the original

Theresa May’s new surveillance laws face a tough tussle with tech giants and civil liberties

The biggest tech company is taking on the controversy of the UK’s newly proposed surveillance laws, highlighting the government's naive approach to data protection

The new surveillance powers the Tories have planned may need a rethink if it is to actually fulfill its purpose properly

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